SGA Scholarships (Amber W. Rudolph Financial Hardship Scholarship & Sam E. McCaffrey Scholarship)

2021-2022 SGA Scholarship Opportunities

  • Sam E. McCaffrey Scholarship
  • Amber W. Rudolph Financial Hardship Scholarship

Eligibility List:

  1. Must be an SGA Fee Paying student;
  2. Have a minimum GPA of 2.5;
  3. Be in good academic and judicial standing;
  4. Meet all other criteria required of the specific scholarship

Sam E. McCaffrey Scholarship
This scholarship shall be awarded to a student who has been positively affected by the influence of music in their life
This honor is in recognition of the former SGA President’s (Sam) passion for music

Completed Applications include:
Sam E. McCaffrey Essay – describing how music has positively affected your life – Essay submissions shall not exceed one thousand (1,000) words

Amber W. Rudolph Financial Hardship Scholarship
This scholarship is intended for those students who have faced unexpected or continued financial hardships during their collegiate career

Completed Applications include:
SGA Amber Rudolph Essay – essay of no more than 1000 words describing your financial hardship and justification as to why you should be awarded

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